Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Choice Review

The following review appeared in the April 2014 issue of CHOICE.

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Walter, Maggie.  Indigenous statistics: a quantitative research methodology, by Maggie Walter and Chris Andersen.  Left Coast, 2013.  158p bibl  index  afp ISBN 9781611322927, $84.00; ISBN 9781611322934 pbk, $24.05; ISBN 9781611322941 e-book, contact publisher for price

A fascinating contribution to what is known as the decolonization paradigm in multidisciplinary fields, Indigenous Statistics encourages researchers to question the ideological practices that are routinely encoded in quantitative analyses.  This ideological character of statistics as properties of the state is even more crucial for indigenous peoples, given the way such records serve to increase the subjugation of the colonized to enhance domination.  The book surveys the complicity of statistics in the colonization of indigenous peoples, like those of the authors in Australia (Walter is Trawlwoolway) and Canada (Andersen is Métis).  They present the epistemology, paradigm, and practice of indigenous statistics in accessible language.  Sociologist Walter (Univ. of Tasmania, Australia) and Native studies professor Andersen (Univ. of Alberta, Canada) reflect what is known as the centered and critical scholar-activist paradigm with specific reference to indigenous studies, but with applicability to every discipline that takes methodology seriously.  The book demonstrates that the statistical objectification of indigenous peoples is a project with global implications in societies structured in dominance.  The authors challenge all researchers to consider decolonization methodologies.  Summing Up: Highly recommended.  Undergraduate to faculty and professional users. -- B. Agozino, Virgina Tech

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